Burning the Jolly Roger

Session 1

In Which Exploration is Conducted and Pygmies are Slaughtered in Various Ways

Players present for this session: Mark, Moobaka, Rovas Archer

  • The explorers returned to camp, moved camp to a slightly more southerly cave, then explored closer to camp to fill in their map. They discovered a thick patch of viper nettles, and Mark was able to determine that viper nettle berries are not only safe to eat, they help to recover from addictions and prevent disease.
  • Mark prescribed a regimen of viper nettle berries for Aerys, then set out with another long-term exploration. This time they brought Ishirou, since the berry patch combined with the group’s fishing nets meant Ishirou was no longer needed to hunt. They re-traced their steps back to the ransacked camp.
  • Mark, Moobaka, Ishirou, and Rovas Archer followed the beaten path until it split, then took the left split, disarming nasty but primitive traps along the way. It lead them to another ransacked driftwood hut, this time with a pentacle scrawled in blood on one of the walls.
  • The next morning, after a short but heated debate between Moobaka and Rovas, the driftwood hut was set ablaze to attempt to draw a response from the (presumed) natives of the island.
  • An ambush was set, using Moobaka as large and shiny bait while the other three party members hid in the brush by the side of the path. Four pygmies eventually came along and were swiftly defeated, with no wounds being taken. The party took a captive and dragged him back to the cave camp, taking a circuitous route along the west coast of the island.
  • Along the way, they found several ship wrecks, including one Brine Demon. Inside, they found a golden locket, a fancy dagger, and some incriminating and thus valuable documents. When they camped for the night, the ghostly captain of the Brine Demon accosted them, calling them thieves and scoundrels, but eventually Moobaka figured out that he wanted the locket and managed to banish him. Good thing, too, because ghosts are way more dangerous in Burning Wheel than Pathfinder.
  • The party finally made it back to camp, where they proceeded to interrogate the pygmy captive, or at least try to. Before he died to a botched surgery by Sasha, the pygmy established that there were roughly 20 more pygmies in their village, that they were lead by at least one scary witch-doctor with a large mask, and that Moobaka has a knack for accidentally finding dirty words in foreign languages.
  • Finally, a little more exploration was done, which ended in a brief but potentially very nasty with a giant wolf spider. It managed to wrap Moobaka up, but not before Moobaka (and everyone else) hacked it to pieces. The fight could have been much, much worse if I’d known what I was doing….



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