Burning the Jolly Roger

Session 2

In Which Our Intrepid Pirates Get the **** Off That Damned Island

Players present for this session: Moobaka, Rovas Archer

  • Moobaka decided that, with Captain Mark occupied elsewise, and Aerys Mavato cured of her alcoholism, it was time to go fetch that barrel of rum that he buried way back when they were first shipwrecked. Unfortunately, someone else beat him to it. However, the hole where the barrel used to be sparked Ishirou‘s memory and, after comparing a map in his position to Rovas’s map of the island, he determined that he was in possession of a map that refers to buried treasure on this very island!
  • Moobaka was certainly not about to let buried treasure stay buried, so the party stopped back by camp to drop off Aerys and pick up Gelik Aberwhinge — who happened to know a thing or two about Lost Treasures — then set off for the south end of the island, near where they burned the hut previously.
  • After a bit of exploring and deciphering, the four adventurer-pirates found the appropriate place to dig. Then spent about three days digging out a 10’ diameter, 10’ deep hole down to a giant wooden plug covering the pit the treasure was buried in. Oh, and finding the skeletal remains of a dead dwarf laying on top of the plug.
  • Then they spent most of another day digging around and under the edge of the plug as an alternative to smashing it to pieces and dropping them into whatever was below.
  • … Which turned out to be a 50’ deep pit with 10’ of water at the bottom. Oh, and two ghouls. Who proceeded to play corpse until Moobaka was in range, then actually match him in combat for two rounds until one got a nasty bite (midi wound) on his leg because he wasn’t wearing his armor. Did I mention that ghouls have paralytic venom?
  • Fortunately, Moobaka finished off the ghouls that same combat phase, and Rovas was able to tie a rope around him to drag him up to the surface again. Ishirou flubbed his check to stop Moobaka’s bleeding, so the wound bled out to Severe, knocking him right the hell out (-3D with B3 Will).
  • Since there wasn’t much to do for the minotaur, the others let him rest up top and proceeded to empty out 5’ depth of water in the pit — more difficult because there was a tunnel under the water, drastically increasing the amount of water they needed to haul. It took them three days. Eventually they completely uncovered the tunnel, went through it, and found the actual treasure — a locked, watertight chest.
  • They rigged up a sledge and dragged Moobaka and the chest back to their cave camp, taking forever to do so. All told, they were gone something around two and a half weeks. Mark was probably out of his mind wondering if he failed in his duty to keep Moobaka alive.
  • Fortunately, in addition to the 5D of cash, fancy throwing knife, ornate scroll, and superior shield in the treasure chest, there were also what would pass for surgeon’s tools. With a little bit of help from almost everyone (including a little did-he-really-just-summon-a-tentacle-monster-to-heal help from Zadoc Olmstead), Sasha was just barely able to excise the infected flesh around Moobaka’s bite wound and set him on the path to recovery.
  • It took Moobaka 6 weeks to recover from his wound, in which time everyone else got in some training and practice, and Ishirou killed a patrol of pygmies that would have stumbled upon the camp.
  • Once the big Beastkin fully recovered, Moobaka, Rovas, Sasha, and Ishirou set out to find the pygmies and, hopefully, eliminate the threat they presented to the main camp. So, they returned once again to the trails on the southern side of the island, and this time followed the western one. Right into a 10’ wide valley. Or rather, off the trail and around the 10’ wide valley because, really, that’s an obvious ambush.
  • In the process of avoiding the obvious ambush, they came across a cabin with a bunch of gnawed-on bones and a journal that really turned out not to be useful at all.
  • They continued following the path, taking the eastern fork towards the mountain they’d seen in the distance before. At the base of the mountain, they found a pair of closed stone doors and, across a small inlet of water, four pillars surrounding a stone pyramid — obviously a Remnant of some sort.
  • By sheer, incredible, WTF dumb luck, Rovas and Moobaka somehow figured out the way to activate the pillars and pyramid (smearing human blood on the pillars, having a venomous snake — courtesy of Sasha, naturally — lick the blood, then pouring seawater over the pyramid), causing bolts of lightning to shoot up from the pillars into the sky, raising the entire island 20 feet out of the sea and oh, opening those doors across the way. Oh, and summoning a “dragon”, which they got very lucky and forced to hesitate just long enough to kill before it savaged Sasha — ie, the healer.
  • Then they went into the Remnant temple because, hey, why not? Down some stairs, hang a left, hey, it’s a big room with a statue in the middle of a giant runed sun symbol on the floor and a wall of blinding light that doesn’t seem likely to allow passage. Right, go the other way, to a split that leads to a room with an altar to some sea god wearing a strange pendant and a room with two exits, two metal rods in the floor, and an orb writhing with electrical arcs.
  • After a bit of back and forth and debate, Moobaka snagged the pendant off the statue, which caused the outer doors to close. With no other way to go, and no other obvious method to do it, the party partially disassembled Rovas’s light chain to make a chain to connect the electrical orb to one of the rods — opening one of the doors, but electrocuting Rovas in the process because he didn’t think to put on gloves (or take any other precautions, really, aside from trying to outrun lightning) beforehand.
  • Making their way through the doors and down the stairs within, the party eventually found their way to a long, long canal, which eventually opened up into a cave. With a ship. Without a steering wheel. Or sails. When, eventually, Sasha (who had been given the pendant from the statue above) laid her hands on the column which was where a wheel should have been, the ship began to move, and they sailed out of the cave — causing the island to sink back down to its original height above the waves — then around the shore to the cave camp.
  • Everyone (except Moobaka, who still really wanted to capture a pygmy) decided they wanted off the damned island, so off they went. When they got a mile or two away from the island, it sank beneath the waves entirely.
  • They determined that the most likely location for the Sunken Island was northwest of the Urskan continent, and so sailed southeast for a couple of weeks, exploring a couple islands for food (and finding nothing, nothing, and freaking dinosaurs, which they killed one of and slaughtered for food, along the way), they finally sited the continent and made landfall in a pirate cove known to Rovas along the coastline of Atinium.



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