Burning the Jolly Roger

Session 3

In Which Moobaka Shows Why You Don't Let Minotaurs Off Their Leashes, and Mark Turns the Pirating Up To Eleven

Players present for this session: Mark, Moobaka, Rovas Archer, Zadoc Olmstead (everyone, woo!)
The delay in posting this log brought to you by: Mass Effect 3

  • Right off the bat, Zadoc decides that he’s not terribly fond of not knowing what makes the ship ticks and spends a few hours drawing strange diagrams on the ground, then … summons a Lesser Daemon to examine the ship with its Aura Vision. The Daemon appeared within the circle, but its appearance was unexpected: it looked like a large catfish with exceptionally long “feeler” tentacles, floating in mid-air. Zadoc commanded it to examine the ship and tell him what it could about the ship’s magic, and the thing floated off and into the ship.
  • The rest of the crew was working on a shopping list and figuring out who was going to town and who was staying to guard the Silver Serpent. Eventually it was decided that Gelik (the ship’s Quartermaster), Sasha (who really wanted a break), and the players would all go to town, while Ishirou and Aerys would stay back to guard the ship.
  • Once in town, the party split up to do their own things, with the intent of meeting up later at a dockside bar to recruit some crew for the ship:
  • Mark went searching for a fellow Elf to ferry a message back to his uncle asking for further instruction now that he’d found Moobaka, the object of the prophecy. He found Alaco Greenwinner, who fed him then left with Mark’s message.
  • Moobaka and Rovas both went to pawn treasure they’d claimed from the Sunken Island. Rovas got 2D of cash for his jewelled dagger, while Moobaka got 1D for his darkwood shield.
  • Moobaka also located the local “mercenary” procurer and determined that there were really only two mercenaries available, and even they wouldn’t be in town for a few days (the result of a failed Circles roll).
  • Zadoc poked around and thought about gathering ingredients to make a Homunculus, but decided not to try the Resources roll yet.
  • Gelik and Sasha did things offscreen.
  • The players eventually met at a tavern as planned. Moobaka intimidated himself into some free beer, then the party began to discuss how to go about crewing their ship and, in fact, what to do with it. During this discussion, Moobaka was … less than quiet and discreet, and was overheard talking about making it out of the Sea of Manaan alive. This drew quite a bit of attention to the party; someone with more cleverness than the minotaur announced that they’d be back the next day to recruit able-bodied crew, which set the tavern abuzz.
  • Zadoc choose this moment to get up and start wandering around the crowded tavern, letting his Aura of Fear scare people away. This task was considerably aided when his summoned Daemon returned, grabbed his head with its tentacles, and slowly forced its body entirely into Zadoc’s mouth and down his throat — Possessing him as payment for services rendered. This had two side effects: first, the bar emptied out very, very quickly, and second, all the beer in the joint started to boil as the Daemon’s Lawbrearker trait manifested through Zadoc.
  • At this point the party decided to leave and come back the next day, but Moobaka wasn’t done in town yet. He found the most accommodating streetwalker he could afford and made some time with her (incidentally spending the die of cash he’d gotten for his shield, but raising his Resources from 0 to 1 in the process). Of course, once he was done (NOBODY messes with a Minotaur or Centaur who’s … entertaining a lady; it isn’t conducive to maintaining one’s health), he was waylaid by six pirates who said that their Captain wanted to speak with him and demanded that he come with them to their ship.
  • Completely unexpectedly, Moobaka not only agreed, but passively followed them all the way back to Captain Diego Stormbreaker‘s ship, the Hurricane. He refused to board the ship, and Captain Stormbreaker refused to walk within axe-ing range of Moobaka, so they held a long-distance conversation in which Captain Stormgreaker learned that the players were once part of Captain Grey’s crew, they were shipwrecked after a magical storm, and they found something on the island they were shipwrecked that let them escape the island. Moobaka actually maintained that it was their weather-witch (Zadoc, although he went un-named) who got them out of the Sea of Manaan, but Diego very plainly didn’t believe him and equally plainly saw through Moobaka’s fairly feeble attempts at misdirecting him. He didn’t explicitly reveal that it was their ship that was special, but there’s only so many options and Diego didn’t seem especially stupid.
  • After Moobaka realized that he probably said too much and clammed up, Captain Stormbreaker ordered his men to capture Moobaka. They tried to catch him with two large weighted nets, but Moobaka not only managed to dodge the nets, but also managed to straight up outrun the pursuing humans (into and through an obligatory china shop). He made his way to the party’s inn for the night and told Captain Mark what had happened.
  • Mark immediately gathered up the party and they all skipped town. They pretty much ran all the way back to the Silver Serpent (without picking up any of the provisions Gelik had purchased in town), sailed immediately several days straight out of the cove into the middle of the ocean, and dropped anchor for several more days. Mark hoped that Captain Stormbreaker would stick mostly to the coastline and the known pirate coves in his search for the party. Fortunately, he appeared to be correct; they weren’t found.
  • At this point, Mark decides, “**** it, the die is cast, we’re pirates now. Might as well go whole hog!”: after returning to the cove, the party hired the two thugs posing as mercenaries, kidnapped the porters hired to transport their provisions to the ship, then raided the countryside for more provisions (and a woman for Moobaka; a failed Virgin-wise test meant she wasn’t actually a virgin). They then proceeded to set sail for Urska by way of Castille.
  • They stopped off at Gole, Castille for supplies, to offload the captives they’d taken, and to hire more mercenaries to serve as marines. The porters were offered the chance to join the crew or be “released”, but when they refused, they all got sold into slavery instead, as did Moobaka’s woman. Moobaka’s Crimon Axe contacts set up the Serpent with a fairly competent mercenary marine force, Gelik bought some more provisions, and then Moobaka was allowed to go off on his own again.
  • By this time Moobaka hadn’t had a virgin for something like a third of a year and he was getting really, really antsy, so he started bar-hopping and looking for likely prospects. Fairly quickly, he found — or was found by — Marina, a gorgeous Shou woman who pinged his (rank 1) Virgin-wise-radar hard. Of course, she proceeded to handle him with consummate skill, pumping him for all kinds of information, especially once she found out that the minotaur had a Shou crewmate. She quickly persuaded him to take her back to the ship.



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