Burning the Jolly Roger

The Story So Far

The PCs, by various ways and means, are all crew on Captain Grey’s pirate ship, the Ocean’s Howl. Some were old hands, some were newly-hired muscle; all were surprised when, following a tense fight with an Atinian ship of the line, a sorcerous storm blew out of the Sea of Manaan and tossed them overboard.

When they awoke an indefinite period of time later, they were on an unknown beach. After fighting off some over-eager scavengers, the PCs found the wreck of the Ocean’s Howl and managed to loot some valuable supplies and get off just before it dislodged from the rocks it had been stuck on and sank into the sea.

After establishing a rudimentary camp further in the interior of the island, the castaways began to explore, looking for a way off the island. Instead, they found four other members of the Ocean’s Howl’s crew: Sasha Nevah, Aerys Mavato, Gelik Aberwhinge, and Ieyasu Ishirou.

With their camp fortified by the presence of the other survivors, the players began to explore more and more of the island. However, all was not perfectly harmonious; Aerys and Gelik proved to be difficult to get along with, and Ishirou barely spoke to anyone. Only Sasha really seemed at all happy with the situation — mainly because Moobaka managed to find a viable leatherwing egg for her, which she immediate set about trying to hatch.

After exploring much of the northern rim of the island, tensions in camp came to a boil and an argument broke out over who would be the leader — the Captain — of the camp. After a soothing song and a heated argument, it was decided that Mark would be Captain, while Gelik, the other candidate, would be the quartermaster.

With the issue of leadership settled, the party undertook a two-day-long expedition to investigate what appeared to be a small village on the southern shore of the bay. When they got there, they found nothing but a zombie and a few ramshackle driftwood huts. On further investigation, two important things were discovered: there were numerous blood stains and signs of violence in the huts, and there was a man-made trail leading off to the south, deeper into the island’s interior…



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