Aerys Mavato

Beautiful drunken brawler


Currently bound to the following compromises:

Mark is Captain of the party and any ship they may end up with, but Gelik Aberwhinge is the Quartermaster.


Appearance: Aerys is a trim, athletic woman with short dark hair, tanned skin, and fierce blue eyes. She favors dark clothing and tricorn hats.

Personality: She downplays her beauty whenever she can and is quick to mock or even assault anyone who makes flirtatious overtures towards her. She’s recently taken to dulling her anger and frustration with alcohol and is, at this point, badly addicted to it.

History: Aerys was a member of the Ocean’s Howl crew for about a year prior to the beginning of the campaign. When she first joined, one of the crewmen made a lewd suggestion as to where she should bunk, which resulted in a short brawl and a severely beaten crewman. Rather than punish her, Captain Grey made her one of the Ocean’s Howl’s dedicated marines. The crew alternately lusted after her and feared her, which meant she had no friends at all on the ship. When not on duty, she spent most of her time in her bunk nursing whatever alcohol she could find.

Aerys Mavato

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