Captain Grey

Captain of the Ocean's Howl


Currently presumed dead.

Theme Song


Appearance: Captain Erasmus Grey appeared the very epitome of a salty sea dog. His short hair and rough beard were both streaked with grey, his skin tanned and weathered by decades spent at sea, and he walked with the rolling gait of a sailor even on dry land. He favored heavy trenchcoats and neutral colors, and rarely went anywhere without his hat or his peculiar black iron flute.

Personality: Despite his fearsome reputation, Captain Grey preferred a hands-off approach to captaining the Ocean’s Howl. He left the day-to-day matters of running the ship to his mates, only stepping in for major offenses among the crew and for battles. When on the job, however, he was tightly focused, with a will of iron and no patience for anything but absolute obedience.

Captain Grey

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