Moobaka is a monster of a Minotaur. The towering beastkin stands at full height nearly 9 feet tall. Easily confused for a war-bull the black haired mercenary carries himself with extreme confidence. Commonly wearing heavy mail and a carrying a huge axe.


Currently bound to the following compromises:

  • Mark is Captain of the party and any ship they may end up with, but Gelik Aberwhinge is the Quartermaster.
  • Moobaka will do his best to stay out of trouble. In exchange, his pay will be converted entirely into virgin women.


  • I am the strongest!!!
  • It’s been too long without a virgin, it’s time for one.


  • Draw my axe in lethal combat.
  • Never pass up a free drink.
  • Always take my fair cut of booty.

Character Traits:

  • Restless
  • Confident
  • Dangerous
  • Focused
  • Determined
  • Hairy
  • Towering

On the cold steppes of the Anduran Badlands 20 years ago was born a large minotaur to the herd. His black coat marked him of house Baka, an important family of the tribe with some sway. Though the Centaurs outnumbered the Minotaurs in the tribe the Baka family was known and respected for the many great soldiers it had sent to the War Herd. The thunderous and booming voice of the calf marked him as ‘a voice’. What the tribe would recognize as a destined leader. He was named Moo, a traditional name only used for those calves prophetically ordained by the Druids. Moobaka would grow into his name well.

The tribe celebrated the births and deaths of each cycle along with the Solstices and Equinoxes. Upon Moobaka’s 8th Solstice his skills were tested in a traditional right of passage. He was sent out into the winter snows with nothing more than a spear and pouch of rocks. He and the other calves, foals, and kids were tasked with proving that they could be useful to the tribe in some way. They could return to the shelters of the tribe once they found something that proved their worth. Moobaka took off at a dead run and he pounded through the snow for two days, tirelessly attempting to outrun all of the other participants. Finally at the end of the third day he was alone. He set out on a hunt to bring back the greatest game he could find. He hunted snow shoe rabbits to sustain himself while he searched for a trophy to bring back to the tribe. He slept under the snow to hide his presence. He would not be denied his place among the tribe. On the 12th day of the the trials of passage, some of the tribe had started to give up that Moobaka had failed the challenge and had died in the frigid winter snows. On the 13th day he was sighted cresting the tallest hill near the shelters. Strung behind him he drug the carcase of a great razorback that nearly dwarfed his own massive size. His thigh was bandaged from the goring wound he took as he received the charge of the wild beast. He was accepted as a hunter of the tribe.

In the coming years the young bull contributed to the hunts and the feeding of the tribe. He excelled at his craft. His skills in tracking and hunting grew a she learned from the older hunters. He was a natural with the use of the spear. It became and extension of his own arms. His favorite hunts were those of large and dangerous beasts. He always took the challenge personally. It was not long after that the Druids started taking notice of the young hunter. His abilities would suit them. During the festival of Spring, while the Satyrs were singing the songs of fertility, the Druid elder Silent Hoof approached Moobaka and offered to teach him the ways of reclaiming those beastkin that had fallen to feral. It wouldn’t be until the Autumnal Hunt was over that he would decide to go to her. He needed to best his rival and his only chance would be at the Autumnal Hunt.

Silent Hoof took in the Minotaur and imparted to him all the ways to track and bring back a feral beastkin. Her methods were harsh but, necessary. Moobaka struggled with the education but, persevered and was soon sent out into the Tundra to start reclaiming the Feral. He was fair at his duty. Each of the feral beastkin that he was able to return to the Druids was another notch on his belt, another challenge clearly defeated. A few of his ‘bounties’ were able to give him the slip though. None would haunt him though save for one.

Moobaka being a Minotaur was prone to two of the families notorious passions. His blood boiled for the heat of battle and his body yearned for sensual pleasure. He was tasked with tracking down a beautiful satyress that had gone feral. He tracked her through forest and village for 2 months. He always seemed to miss her by a day or so. When he finally ran her to ground she took refuge in an old abandoned tower. Moobaka was guarded as he approached the tower. He knew that this Satyress was dangerous. She had earned the nickname of “Succubus” from human villages for a reason. Despite his best efforts Moobaka fell victim to her charms as well. After finally laying eyes on her he could not resist the burning urge to have her. She was certainly the most fascinatingly beautiful creature he had ever seen. They spent the next week locked in bestial courtship. After a night full of debauchery under the twin full moons, the Satyress disappeared into the woods. Shamed of his failure, Moobaka resigned his position as a Feral Stalker and joined the War Herd.

The pain of losing the Satyress was easier to bury as he focused on the militant training of being a Steel Hide. It was in the service to the Steel Hides that he found his love of the Axe. the smooth flow of the weapon in his hands, the brutal strength and exquisite art of it’s simplicity came so naturally to the Bull. Marching and fighting in the wars brought out the lingering wanderlust that hid inside of Moobaka. He was fleet of hoof and was often on the front line with the fastest and strongest centaurs. He was part of the tip of the spear that would break less hardened lines. Moobaka learned that there are two ways to fight. The first is the honor of fighting without weapons and the test of your raw strength. The second was the fight of weapons. In the first, you fight for honor and uphold to rules of combat that make the fight fair. In the second, you destroy your enemy as swiftly and effectively as possible without pause, without hesitation. 4 years would pass and Moobaka lost track of even where the War Herd had taken him. But, the war had ended and the Herd was not needed anymore. Moobaka could not stand not to fight anymore. He needed the chaos of battle.

He carried his armor and his axe into the wilds and came to the city of Gaor in Castille. he met with a mercenary sergeant that was hiring men. Moobaka was intrigued by this sergeant and watched him for 4 days. On the fifth day the sergeant approached the hulking Moobaka and asked him why he lingered and did not come to make his mark and enlist with the Emerald Shadow. Moobaka looked the sergeant up and down and told him. “You have no man that can challenge me much less best me. Why would I serve someone so weak as you?” To those that overheard the comment there was a sudden holding of their breath as they backed away. The sergeant was appalled that the Bull had insulted him and his mercenary band so flagrantly. he went for his sword but before the blade could leave the sheath Moobaka threw off the blanket that had been covering his form and he rose to his full height. The heavy steel gauntlet struck the sergeant just under the chin and a fountain of blood and teeth sprayed the cobblestones. Two mercenaries charged Moobaka with maces in hand. He snarled warning just before they got in range and drew his massive axe. The square cleared quickly! The sergeant’s men threw down their arms and surrendered. Moobaka turned his back on them in a clear sign of disrespect and walked off.

The next morning grizzled veterans of the Crimson Axe mercenary band were waiting for him in the tavern. They had heard of the incident in the square and came to recruit him. The three men brought with them a retired Long Horn from the War Herd as their personal body guard. This sign of obvious strength convinced Moobaka that he had found a suitable band to sign on with.

His time with the Crimson Axe was fruitful. He was paid handsomely for his service. In turn the Crimson Axe profited well from the skill and power of the beastkin that they hired. A union well made. Toward the end of his commission with the Crimson Axe he was hired to serve on ‘merchant ship’ the Ocean’s Howl. He knows that he was specifically asked for by name. He is sure that his reputation as a salty and dominating soldier had to be the reason. Ironically, he became fast friends with a weak old man named Mark. The wise and wiley old dog has garnered Moobaka’s favor and loyalty.


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