Rovas Archer



  • I will get back to Urska to clear my name.
  • Convince my shipmates to further Urska’s goals.
  • I will befriend Ishirou.


  • Always watch out for sneak attacks and ambushes.
  • Never allow people to become emotionally attached to me.
  • Always draw my blades in a fight.

Character Traits:

  • Problem With Authority
  • Desperate
  • Haunted
  • Sleep-talker

Born noble:
Born into the Bondar family of Urska.Rovas Bondar was in line to be the next duke of his family. As a young child he was raised in the life of a noble man.during his young age he liked to played tag with his younger bother ( ) and his three sisters.When at age seven he was to begin he training as a page.
Page life-path:
As a page his mother ( ) taught him how to read,write,eat,and act like a noble man with her lessons in manners.His father ( ) taught him how hold a weapon properly and the basics of fighting with weapons.
Squire life-path:
A week after he turned fifteen he begone his Squire training. He chose to work on his knife skills the most.His knight Ludvig Yakow was inspired by his ambition to learn all he could about a blade.Form how to use it to how to swing it so that you would use the most strength in each stroke.Ludvig would often catch him practicing his blade skill out side of the castle walls or after dark.Ludvig would always stayed a little long to watch his young pupil hone his Abilities.Rovas would spend countless hours preparing to be advanced to the next stage in his knight hood.During his life as a Squire he fell in love with a young beautiful woman named (). She was the most wonderful women that he had ever meet.She soon fell in love with Rovas.Rovas would buy( ) many extraordinary gifts from jewelry to vary small parts of land.One cold winters day Rovas betrothed to ( ) and she said “Yes” they planed for the wedding to be that summer.On the night of the wedding after all the guest had left Rovas was heading to his fathers bedchamber to speak with him. Rovas noted that his fathers door was cracked open with a shadow of a figure on top of another. he knew that it could not have been his mother when she was just in the mane hall downstairs. so he toke a peak in his fathers chamber only to see his new wife killing his beloved father with one of Rovas’s own knife to frame Rovas for the murder of his father.Rovas ran back to his chambers and waited for is “Wife” to return.Just as she tried to court Rovas he slit her throat.Then with great haste he gather his things and fled the castle.With only his pet ferret Tobi, his father ring,21 knifes, and the clothes on his back he knew that he had to get as far away as possible.
Desperate killer:

Rovas Archer

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