Zadoc Olmstead

Sunken, dark, unblinking eyes. Short, neatly cut, oily black hair. Tall and gaunt, with tight, sun-dried skin. Long skeletal fingers tipped with thick yellow fingernails.


Secretly worships black sea gods
Aura of fear
Weather sense

Determine origin of storm, gain power from it
Stay with strongest companions for protection
Become known by agents of gods; why be an ant

Never kill the helpless w/o trying to strike a bargain
Never lie when making a deal
Never do for himself when he can summon for it

Currently bound to the following compromises:

Mark is Captain of the party and any ship they may end up with, but Gelik Aberwhinge is the Quartermaster.



City born

Once upon a time there was a boy named Zadoc. Zadoc lived with a man and a woman in a big city. The man and woman were liers.

The woman would cry when she lied. The man would yell. They would tell him his name is not Zadoc; that they were his real family and loved him; among other lies. Clearly the man and the woman were liers. Zadoc was not a lier. His real family was beneath the waters in his dreams. The man and woman could not fool Zadoc.

On sunny days when the man and woman were not looking Zadoc would look for his real family. He would stick his head under whatever water he could find and look for them. This distressed the man and woman greatly. She would cry and he would yell. Zadoc knew it was fake. Puddles, barrels, troughs, basins … where was his real family? The came to the waters in his dreams, why not these waters?

One day, when the man was busy yelling and the woman was busy crying, Zadoc walked a day and a night looking in all the waters along the way. He found a creek and followed it, dunking his face in wherever it was deep enough. He found a river and waded along its length, dunking his face every other step. He found a serene lake, and he knew his family was there. Out into the middle of the lake and down beneath the water. Deeper and deeper and deeper he swam. They have to be here! At the bottom of the lake Zadoc called out to them as loud as he could …

Zadoc fell asleep. He dreampt of his real family.

Mad summoner
Rogue wizard
Rogue wizard
Weather witch

Zadoc Olmstead

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