Tag: Nation


  • Urska

    The largest nation in the known world, although most of its territory is rough, relatively useless land. The [[Anduran Badlands]] lie entirely within Urska, and only the [[The Wildlands | the Wildlands]] separate Urska from [[Castille]], [[Atinium]], and …

  • Castille

    A small, but rich merchant nation positioned to the northwest of [[Urska]]. Castille is the nearest nation to the [[Pillars of Manaan]], gateway to [[Shou]]. Castille, at one time a subject nation of Urska, broke free from the [[Csar | Csars']] control …

  • Shou

    A mysterious nation to the west of [[Castille]], [[Urska]], [[Crathe]], and [[Atinium]], across the [[Sea of Manaan]]. Because of the danger of travelling across the Sea, goods from Shou are high luxuries on the [[Urska | Urskan]] continent. There is a …

  • Atinium

    A small, sparsely-inhabited nation that lies to the north of [[Urska]]. It is a theocracy, ruled by the [[Most Holy]] [[:rubicante | Rubicante]], leader of the [[One True Faith]].

  • Crathe

    The smallest of the [[Urska | Urskan]] satellite nations. Crathe is ruled jointly by humans and elves, as the boundaries to [[The Wild | the Wild]] are extremely thin across most of the nation.

  • The Wildlands

    Although not a formal nation, with no ruler and no embassies, the [[Beastkin]] of the Wildlands are allowed to govern themselves. At one time, [[Urska]] claimed the Wildlands in addition to the lands now called [[Castille]], [[Atinium]], and [[Crathe]], …