A small, but rich merchant nation positioned to the northwest of Urska. Castille is the nearest nation to the Pillars of Manaan, gateway to Shou.

Castille, at one time a subject nation of Urska, broke free from the Csars’ control about two hundred years ago — and about fifty years before the Pillars of Manaan and the land of Shou were found by a Castillian merchant who was blown off course. Castille is the richest nation on the continent thanks to their control of the Pillars, and they have the largest and most modern navy. Their army is comparatively small, although lead by two brilliant military leaders, Maria Delgado y Castarillo and Simon Ramos.

Castille is ruled by King Maximiliano Olegário Cristóvão Adalberto Rivera and is divided into eleven Duchies and one March. The Dukes and the Margravine hold considerable power in their own realms, but only the Margravine Natalia Costa is allowed to keep a sizable standing army of her own — and that only because her lands border the Wildlands and thus Urska’s single possible land invasion route. The Dukes are only allowed to keep soldiers suitable to maintain the peace in their cities (generally one soldier per fifty citizens) and a personal guard of no more than 200 men. All other Duchy troops are militias; able-bodied men between the ages of 14 and 30 are required to drill one night a week with weapons and armor, and young single women are allowed, but not required, to drill as well.

OOC Notes:
Obviously mostly inspired by Medieval/Renaissance/Age of Sail Spain, with some Portuguese thrown in for good measure.


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