The largest nation in the known world, although most of its territory is rough, relatively useless land. The Anduran Badlands lie entirely within Urska, and only the the Wildlands separate Urska from Castille, Atinium, and Crathe.

At one point, the Csars of Urska ruled the entire continent, but the formation of the Wildlands broke their hold on the subject nations of Castille, Atinium, and Crathe. The revolutionary wars were long and hard-fought, but Urska’s inability to consistently keep their soldiers supplied past the Noonshadow Forest or Icepeak Mountains meant that independence was inevitable.

Urska isn’t ruled by a single figure, but rather by a council of seven Csars. Theoretically, whenever a Csar dies, the remaining Csars appoint a new one. In actuality, the appointment of new Csars is imposed by the seven most powerful Houses in Urska; each gets one seat on the council.

OOC Notes:
Based on a mixture composed mainly of pre-WW1 Russia and Germany, with some Mongol and Scandinavian influence.


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