Update 5/5/2012:
Finally got around to posting last month’s adventure log. Also made a few updates to various character pages and added a wiki page on Daemons.

Update 3/21/2012:
I’m going through and updating the nation pages and filling in some of the red links in other pages with basic info.

Update 2/14/2012:
I went ahead and got the subscription to this thing, so we have access to things like a calendar and forums now. Dunno how much use they’ll be, but it doesn’t cost much.
Also did a little more work on the Wiki.

Update 1/27/2012:
Added some campaign (as opposed to world) information to the Wiki and appropriate character pages.

Update 1/25/2012:
I’ve begun adding some very basic information to the Wiki.

Burning the Jolly Roger

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